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S/5 Contemporary Photographic Assemblage Prints,”Pop” May Lin Le Goff, Ed.1 of 8


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In her series, “Pix & Mix,” May Lin Le Goff uses the postmodernist realm of assemblage to explore the presence of the artist’s touch. This series showcases Le Goff’s fascination with remixing commercial and editorial photographic work into art objects that subvert the idea of the conventional magazine image.

Le Goff creates photo-sculptures by layering photographic images with hand cut colored paper to yield images that straddle the realms of photography and illustration. Le Goff was born in France; raised in Singapore and finished her art education in the U.S., receiving a B.F.A. in Photography at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.

The offered set is five works entitled,”Tomayto Tomahto,” “Keep Calm & Banana On,” “Show Me The Money,” “Le Sigh” and “Wow Wow Wow” and are part of the “Pix & Mix” series. They are Giclée prints, edition 1 of 8. The pieces are framed in Lucite. These pieces can be bought individually for $2,200 each.

Dimensions 0.25 × 20 × 27 in

May Lin Le Goff 1 (Artist)


21st Century

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circa 2015-2016

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