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Pair of Signed F & R Pratt Earthenware Grecian/Roman Themed Greek Key Vases


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Offered is a pair of signed F & R Pratt Earthenware Grecian/Roman themed Greek Key Vases / Urns.
F & R Pratt, Felix Edward Pratt & Richard Pratt, was founded in the early 19th century and the company was to become an important manufacturer of domestic earthenware.
In the 19th century, the Pratt name was associated with the Fine, usually multicolored, transfer printed engravings. The business produced domestic earthenware including relief moulded earthenware (especially jugs) and tableware with underglaze, multicolored decoration (‘Prattware’). Felix Pratt was the commercial driving force behind the business, the artist was a Jesse Austin who joined Pratt in the early 1840. He was an accomplished water color artist and engraver and over nearly 40 years. Early marks consist of the Pratt name and or initials in various forms including ‘F & R P’, ‘F. & R. Pratt’, and F. & R. P. & Co. (from circa 1840) and F. & R. Pratt & Co. An unusual late-19th or early 20th century mark is the naked figure of a discus thrower, sometimes appearing without reference to the Pratt name. Post-1920, marks may include ‘Royal Cauldon’ as part of the mark. Collecting “Transfer-ware” has a large following and clubs have popped up to aid in the collection process. Offered is a pair of signed /stamped F & R Pratt Earthenware Grecian / Roman themed with a Greek key motif in green, gold, brown and orange vases or urns. According to the Collector’s guide, these pieces are quite rare and difficult to find in pristine condition.

Dimensions 22 × 16 in

Felix Edward Pratt & Richard Pratt (Manufacturer)


Late 19th Century

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Very good to excellent antique condition. No cracks, breaks or abrasions.